Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thanks for Na Thing

For my last post on New Attitude, I just want to say a quick thanks to all the people who made the tech happen. It was way more than nothing, believe me.

Darryl Wenger :|: Thanks for being such a gracious production manager. You really made the creative team's vision come through with excellence and peace. I can't wait to work together again at WorshipGod06. May God bless your new venture into full-time production management!

Weston Smith :|: Weston was the front-of-house tech for CTS Audio. I request Weston every time because he makes his systems sound unbelievably fantastic. In just a few minutes, he can lock in a sound better than others who take hours. Thanks, Weston, for sharing your superior talents, for singing along, and for becoming a friend to Sovereign Grace.

Little Dave :|: CTS' monitor engineer did a fantastic job as well. He dealt patiently with church musicians and actors and pastors and tech guys. Thanks, dude.

Thanks to Hillbilly, Evan, Paul, Ryan, and others from Majestic Productions (lighting) and Big Picture (video) for bringing your exceptional talents and gear and then being willing to put them away whenever we asked you to. Humility rocks!

I heard today that next years' planning begins in three weeks.

I hope I'm asked back, but by then I'll be thirty, married with kiddo, and ultra un-hip.

Thanks for letting me play!

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