Thursday, June 29, 2006

ServFest Results

Today's Topic: Team Building

I really don't like posting at 4:55pm. That's because it only means I have 5 minutes to write. So, I thought I'd just give you a quick update on our ServFest Sunday.

We got 82 different names of people interested in pursuing the technology teams. Praise the Lord!

That breaks down to...
27 people for IMAG
32 people for Sound
7 for Lighting
6 for Sermon Duplication
8 for Information Technology

And many more were undecided. (Sorry, the math doesn't seem to add up because most people were interested in more than area.)

The next step is to invite them to attend a further info meeting in July or August.

Also, I sent out a survey to the current production team members to see who wants to continue serving into the next year (Oct2006-Sept2007). Of the 140 people, I've gotten 47 responses, and only 5 are moving on to other areas of service.

The Lord is once again proving to be faithful as we start thinking about and working toward teams for the next serving year.

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Scott Sterner said...

OK, I would like you to share some posts on how you recruit teams, what servefest is, etc.... Those are some amazing numbers for people interested in serving. (I apologize if you addressed this question in previous posts that I missed.)