Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Team Leadership

Today's Topic: Team Building

Summer is officially here. How do I know? Kids are playing outside our home all day, graduation ceremonies are done, and the church calendar has a wedding scheduled almost every weekend for the next eight weeks.

One thing summertime means for me as Covenant Life's technical director is the start of preparations for next serving year. Though "next year" doesn't actually kick off until October, I find that I can never start early enough in getting ready for the transition.

Each year, people on my teams have the opportunity to switch positions, take on more responsibility, back off a little, or shift to another area of service completely. So summertime means that many changes are most likely on the way. And it's time to get ready!

The first step for readiness is puting leadership in place for next year's teams. Two of the current team leaders have decided to step down for the next year. The first is moving to New Jersey for family and work reasons. The second is stepping back a little to spend more time loving and leading his wife and baby boy.

With such excellent reasons for their departure, I've been in full faith that God would provide the right new leaders. And as expected, he has come through! Tomorrow, I'm seeking final approval from my pastoral supervisor for the two new leaders that God has mercifully provided.

How did we choose these two guys, though?

Here are the categories I consider most seriously:
  • Humility :|: God promises grace for the humble. He also promises opposition to the proud. We need God's grace, so we need a humble leader.
  • Faithfulness :|: God is faithful. He never misses an appointment or fails to show up to help us in our time of need. We need leaders that follow God's example and set the example for the rest of the team.
  • Joyfulness :|: Gospel work is worthwhile and the rewards are great. A leader's heart should represent that truth with joy in the midst of challenge.
  • Leadership :|: True leadership is a gift from God, and God will bless leaders with that gift. How do I identify leadership? Watch to see who's following the person even when he doesn't have a title.
  • Excellence :|: Our church is committed to excellence for God's glory. A leader in our church must share that passion.
  • Initiative :|: Leaders have ideas, share ideas, and implement ideas. They are not only good executors, they are also good initiators. They seek God on behalf of their teams, ask good questions, and propose solutions to problems. True leaders don't always need to be led.
Though a potential leader need not be perfect in all these areas, I want to see him growing in all these areas. These are evidences of the work of God in someone's heart. When God's Spirit is active in someone, there's no telling what that person can do for the glory of God by his power.

That makes me excited to see what God will do in our next year together.

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