Sunday, June 18, 2006

Like Your Father, Love Your Enemies

Today's Topic: The Big Day

Happy Fathers Day!

Here's a picture of one reason today is such a happy day for me.

Thanks, Meg, for bringing your mommy and me so many smiles!

Today, in honor of father's day, we decided to do a message on...

...loving your enemies??

The coincidence may seem somewhat unfortunate, and it certainly was unplanned, but the message was nonetheless a wonderful encouragement to all of us to learn from and emulate the example of a kind God who loves his enemies. Indeed, it is very Fatherly to love those who oppose us and give sacrificially over and over to those who cannot repay us. You can listen to the message here when it comes online Sunday afternoon.

Also, we had a Father & Son choir today that sang the song, How Deep the Father's Love. It was very meaningful to have boys and their dads exalting their heavenly Father together.

Thanks be to God for sending his only Son for our sins and adopting us into his family.

Have a happy day rejoicing in the grace of our merciful Father!

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