Friday, June 23, 2006

Comments on the Topics?

Today's Topic: Questions & Answers

I have more questions for you all today.

Which post topics have been most helpful or enjoyable for you?
What other items would you like discussed under those topics?

Which of those topics should I dump?

What other topics should I include instead?

Comment below with your thoughts. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Please keep blogging, as your postings have been invaluable to our new Technical Ministry. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

David - I wouldn't necessarily dump any of the topics you have. I thoroughly enjoy reading them and have used quite a bit in practical application. Your Basics topics have been the most helpful, especially the articles on gain structure and mixing methods. I've actually collated those articles and given them to members of my team to read and use themselves.

Greg Davis said...

I do like reading all of your posts, but I especially like the Team Building, Tools & Techniques & Scriptural Serving topics. Keep up the good work David!

Peter Schott said...

I like them all. I'm not much of a sound guy - all of those knobs scare me. :-) However, I've been able to pass that on to our sound people @ the church for their perusal.

Personally, I've enjoyed the serving and team building posts the most, but wouldn't drop any of them. You've given me some food for thought in the area of how technology can help (or hurt) ministry and worship.

I don't know where or if this fits, but how does your team fit in with planning of services? Do you find out early/late? Do you give feedback on how you could use the available technology to enhance worship events?

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

team building and scriptural serving our my favorite...but I glean info from whatever is shared and try to pass it on when i can..