Monday, May 29, 2006

Ta-Na! Finally, Another Post

New Attitude day two and day three are gone. Since my last post, we've had five main sessions, seven smaller seminars, and two concerts (one of which is happening even now as I write).

Spiritual highlights have been ably posted on the Na Blog and Solo Femininity, Carolyn McCulley's blog, so I'll let you read there to get a taste for the content. There are also some great pictures of the main session, too, if you're interested in seeing what it looked like.

Here are some tech highlights...

Line Arrays -- I spent 16.5 hours straight in the main room on Sunday, with a 10-minute break to get a muffin from the lobby Starbucks. Nonetheless, even after mixing three worship sessions and a rap concert, my ears were not fatigued. I attribute that primarily to the JBL line arrays, which really fit this space well. For the first time at Na, I don't feel like I'm fighting the system or the room to hear all the nuances I want.

Total Recall -- I love Na because I get to play. The Yamaha PM5D is the digital mixer we're using. As a staunch analog, knob-twisting kind of guy, I was excited and somewhat skeptical about trying out this new desk. After three days of playtime, I oddly found myself thinking of this Alanis Morisette song in relation to the 5D:
You've already won me over
In spite of me.
Don't be surprised if I fall
Head over feet.
Don't be surprised if I love you
For all that you are.
I couldn't help it.
It's all your fault.
The total recall and compression on every channel have sold me. Now I just need patience from God to wait until the appropriate time to change out our mixers at Covenant Life. It'll probably be another six to ten years. Who knows what will exist then?

The Choir -- We added a choir to the worship band this morning, replacing the solo backup vocalists. I'll be honest. I wasn't hip on the idea. I was wrong. The choir did a fantastic job. Specifically, there was a wonderful moment during the song Grace Unmeasured, just as we hit the chorus for the first time. Normally, the men and women split up and sing different parts. The choir took the women's line and the result was beautiful and invigorating. Weston, who has been helping me at front-of-house, spontaneously said "Wow!" out loud.

What else?

The moving lights did move this morning. A little.

And this evening's walk-in video "scenery," representing the city, was way hip. It was some combination of time lapse and time-slowed videography. Accompanied by tracks from Jry's remixes for Voice's album, it really did feel urban.

Oh, and I learned something big today. Or at least I think it's big. Stay tuned...

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