Sunday, May 28, 2006

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Quiz: what song did that title put in your head?

It's very late, and tomorrow comes early, so I thought I'd throw out some little notes about the first night of Na (aka New Attitude)...

Sound -- Yamaha PM1D: Nice! JBL Vertec Line Arrays: Very Nice! The band was tight, the mix went well, the lavs were clear. The message was heard. Praise God. 200Hz is killer in this concrete box, though. I'm wishing the system had a bit tighter punch.

Lighting -- Simple and effective. But will those moving lights move?

Video -- We've got two 12s, the 16, and two 24s. That's the diameter of the each of five circular video screens. IMAG looked great on the 24s. The 12s...well the projectors aren't bright enough.

See the New Attitude blog for pictures. Hopefully sometime soon they'll have main session shots up. Solo Femininity is live blogging, too. Read more at those sites to hear about what God is teaching us.

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Anonymous said...

"sweet song of salvation" by larry norman!