Saturday, May 06, 2006

Moments of Worship

Today's Topic: Scriptural Serving

My wife and I attend a small group with some friends of ours at which we recently read through the 4th chapter of Paul David Tripp's book Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands. The chapter is called "The Heart is the Target" and teaches that our lives are a series of worship moments. We are always answering the questions, "Are we going to worship God? Or are we going to follow after the sinful desires of our hearts?"

Here's a brief excerpt...
"Heart idolotry can subvert even our most worshipful moments. For example, prayer is our most God-directed act, yet it too can be warped by an idolatrous heart. Have you ever rehearsed a prayer before publicly praying it? (You know, 'Our dear Heavenly Father ... No, no ... Our sovereign, gracious Heavenly Father ... no ... Father in heaven, we are ...') Why do we do this? Are we trying to get it right for the Lord? That doesn't work because he hears the rehearsal! Isn't it really an attempt to use public prayer to gain the respect of people around us? Because our hearts are captured by a desire for human approval, we use an act of worship to get glory for ourselves!"
Even good things, even worshipful acts, even service to the church, can become the center of false worship. A ministry, a video, a person's comment, the pastor's approval of your work ... all of these could become false gods.

So my question for your consideration today is this: When you are serving on your technical or media role, what are your moments of worship? When do you have to choose between worshipping God and worshipping something else? And which do you choose?

Possible worship moments:
  • When criticism comes your way
  • When you find yourself rehearsing what happened and how you thought it should have gone instead
  • When you think you might be complimented for your sound mix
  • When you get anxious or angry about an unexpected change
  • When you worked really hard on the lighting design
  • When the director passes over your great camera shot
In Revelation 19, John mistakenly began to worship an angel. The angel shouted in response, "You must not do that! ... Worship God." I wish my idols would do that. Unfortunately, our idols don't do anything to stop us. They just sit back and let us worship them.

That's why we must proactively identify those moments of idolatry and shift our thoughts and our worship to the One True God.

Consider... What are your worship moments? How can you worship God rather than yourself at those very moments?

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