Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lessons from T4G

The first Together for the Gospel conference is happening this week in Louisville, Kentucky. Bob Kauflin posted today on some tech snafus that occurred. Notice how significantly the video issues affected people's ability to follow his leadership...
"The sound of 3000 men singing together (actually, there were about 60 women as well), was powerful and moving. However, I noticed on the third verse that I was doing a solo. I glanced behind me at the screen and saw that the video switcher had chosen to put me leading from the grand piano up on the screen rather than the lyrics."
"Later on, we sang the William Cowper hymn, “There is a Fountain Filled with Blood.” Mark Dever, the primary organizer, had specifically asked that we sing all five verses of this hymn after he spoke. Things were going fine until I started the third verse. Again, I found myself at odds with the congregation. They were singing the LAST verse...Later I found out that the lyrics [the operator] had been sent were in a different order from the ones I was reading from."
Let's all take this as a reminder that the worship leader can't lead where the lyrics operator isn't going. This should strike the fear of God into all lyrics folks. Thankfully, we can be sure that God will help people worship him by helping us lead them there.
P.S. The person who is technical director at T4G is a great friend of mine, and the best conference TD I know. Stuff like this happens to the best of us. Let's just make sure to keep learning together!

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