Friday, April 21, 2006

Happily Head-In-Sand in Acts

Gosh, I feel like I've posted nothing recently. That's because I haven't.

I've been happily head-in-sand with our high school's production of an original play based on the book of Acts. We're on our last cue-to-cue before the show tonight, which we're doing without mics to move through the different scenes faster. Finally, I have a moment to write a short bit.

Mixing dramas like this are some of my favorite serving opportunities because they are the most challenging.

The stats:
The cast totals out at about 80 high schoolers, 2 kids, and one big flower pot.
Of those, over 40 different people have speaking or singing roles.
With a total of 18 headest mics, that means there are many mic changes backstage, and keeping track of who's got what mic is absolutely essential!

The big goal for me tonight is to get through scene 1 smoothly. During the first song, they act out the Holy Spirit's arrival in the upper room and the apostles speaking many different languages to the crowd in Jerusalem. The song has 18 people with either singing or speaking solo lines. Each person has only one sentence or part of a sentence. Meanwhile everyone else who doesn't have a line at that moment is singing a powerful song under them. I really hope everyone can be heard.

Thankfully, the show just gets easier from there. If you see the production, let me know what you thought and how we can do better on Saturday.

If you think of it, please pray that God will use this to make his gospel clear and glorious to those who attend!
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Dave Wilcox said...

Update: I didn't do so well on the mics for scene 1 this time around. But God is faithful. My prayer is that the Lord will help me do better tomorrow.


Dave Wilcox said...

Tonight was a major improvement over last night. Praise God for his help and his faithfulness.

And thanks to all of you who helped. Justin, Gavin, Anna, Elijah, Sam, Austin, Andrew, Ken, Matthew, Abi, Tom, Katie, Robby, and the 2 Johns, we couldn't have done this without you.

Get some sleep!