Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Showers ~ The Women of Titus 2

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Titus 2 is the theme chapter and the name of Covenant Life's women's ministry. The women of our church meet weekly for one month of each year to learn about God's call on their lives. This year they are studying "7 Habits of the Highly Effective Woman." Last night was the first of three meetings in April, which laid the groundwork for upcoming seminars on the practicals of growing in being effective as wives, mothers, employees, sisters, and the many other roles women play.

Today, I want to thank God for a particular aspect of the technical ministry last night: all the technical team members serving last night were women. Thanks, Rachel, Karen, Beth, Stephanie, Vicki, and Evelyn!

What a joy it is for me, a man involved in the very male-dominated technology arena, to have so many women who faithfully, cheerfully, and excellently serve alongside us guys for God's glory. In fact, well over 1/5 of our technical team volunteers are women.

They bring a wonderful relational aspect to the sound, video, and lighting crews which would otherwise be lost on us men. Also, they help us to think differently about how to serve people. Guys want to solve problems while women are more apt to care for people.

If you are a woman out there and are interested in serving in technical arenas, please sign up. If you are the first on your team, it may seem a bit strange in the beginning, but stick with it. As men, we need your assistance to make this team work.

If you are a male team leader, please get women involved in your media ministries. If you're not sure where to start, here are some suggestions...
  • Make sure you have roles on your team that are not heavily technical, but rather are more relational. An example might be a role for someone who is the "liaison" between the band and sound board operator, telling the board operator what the band wants in their monitors.
  • Take advantage of family ties. Invite a current team-member's wife to serve with him. This is great for the team and great for their family.
  • Get them involved early. Young women are not as easily daunted by technology, and they are often comfortable serving alongside guys, especially their peers.
  • Not all women are gear-heads (duh!), so pair up a non-technology-loving woman with someone who loves to plug things in. Have her run the board but the other person troubleshoot.
  • For the woman who does love buttons and knobs, let her get really involved in the hard stuff right away. She'll probably have some amazing new ways to handle things that you'd never think of.
  • Finally, don't give up. The unity of men and women for the gospel is a powerful example to the world of the way God can change hearts. And God's glory is worth the effort.

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Anonymous said...

wow- thanks for the encouraging post! my 2 daughters and i serve with my husband and son on our tech team at our church. it is a blessing to serve as a family in this way.