Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Topic: Storytelling in the Church

Here are some posts on storytelling, parables, and the church:
Should We Always Preach in Parables?
Found ~ Evaluating a Modern Parable


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I want to first thank you for this Blog. This is really the only access that I have to someone with your experience and knowledge.

I have a few questions rather than a comment, I hope that is ok. I am from Covenant Community church in Toronto, Canada. We have a small church meeting out of a house, but do use a TV for powerpoint and video. With Easter approaching I was hoping to capture and possible edit scenes from Passion of Christ to be part of our easter service. While I am the "computer guy" at our church, audio and video are not my specialty. My question is, what software would you recommend to use to capture video from a DVD? Are you aware of any free software that will do the job? Actually, any advice for audio software would be welcome as well.

Thank you for your time.

Brett Simpson

Dave Wilcox said...

Hello, Brett.

Thanks for reading. I do pray that God is able to equip and encourage you through some of the things written here.

Your questions are always, always welcome. For the sake of clarity, I will reply to these particular questions via email. However, if enough similar questions come up, I may set aside an entire post for that line of questions.

God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Thank you for your time investment to all of those involved in the technical ministry. I am try to build and train my technical teem here and really appreciate your constant reminder of the importance of the gospel within the gifts we use for His church.
I am currently serving as Sound engineer and computer "engineer" at one of our new SG churches in Greenville, SC. I need some help with several technical issues and would love to have your input or reference to someone who can assist me. I trained as a Studio Engineer in the early '90s and have been a little out of the loop keeping up with technology. We currently record our sermons using a Marantz MP3 recorder then I convert to a smaller size to post to our website. However they just do not seem to be as "clean" sounding as what I get from the Covenant Life site or others per the file size. Any suggestions?
Second question. We need to transmit Video from a laptop that will need a scan converter from the back of the room to the projector which is close to the front. How do we accomplish this and what are your recommendations for what I should use for the scan converter. To add another caveat, everything has to be portable as we are meeting in the Greenville Hilton.
Dave Johnson