Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Topic: April Showers

When it rains, it pours. April is a busy month at Covenant Life Church!

We have almost one major event every other day. This is definitely one of those things that challenges my faith and humbles me before the Lord. However, God has always proven faithful during these busy times in the past.

In order to celebrate the grace of God throughout this month and to keep his work before my own eyes, I'll be posting on some of those events. As you read, I hope you are encouraged to hear how God is at work here and reminded that he will meet you in your busy times as well!

Here are the events I've posted on so far:

The First Weekend -- April 2, 2006
The Women of Titus 2 -- April 5, 2006
Weekend #2 -- April 9, 2006
Good Friday -- April 14, 2006
The Acts Play -- April 21, 2006

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