Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Oscar Impact

Dr. Albert Mohler wrote about the power of film on culture in his blog yesterday. Here's what he wrote...
"Hollywood has enormous power and influence. In many ways, the cultural products of Hollywood, both movies and television, simultaneously serve as both barometers of the cultural mood and as engines for social and ideological change. It is sometimes hard to know which role Hollywood is playing in any given season or with any particular movie...

"With the 2006 Oscars now handed out and as the Hollywood set aleady dreams of next year, let's remember that Hollywood really is important -- that its cultural products have an enormous power to influence our society. But let's also remember that Hollywood is not all-powerful, and that one movie -- whatever its message -- is not likely to transform the nation."
Even if we assume a single movie is not likely to transform the entire nation, I have seen movies affect individuals' thoughts and actions. So here's my question for you:
  • Have you seen a movie change a person? Even a whole group?
  • If so, which movie? And how did it change the person or group?
  • Why do you think it had such an impact?

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