Friday, March 10, 2006

Do We Experience Life, or Just Media?

Peggy Noonan wrote an editorial yesterday on the Oscars. Here's a part of her analysis...

"The Clooney generation in Hollywood is not writing and directing movies about life as if they've experienced it, with all its mysteries and complexity and variety. In an odd way they haven't experienced life; they've experienced media. Their films seem more an elaboration and meditation on media than an elaboration and meditation on life. This is how he could take such an unnuanced, unsophisticated, unknowing gloss on the 1950s and the McCarthy era. He just absorbed media about it. And that media itself came from certain assumptions and understandings, and myths."

Interesting notion. Is it possible that so much of life is driven by media now that we can think we've really experienced something when we haven't? We just experience a version of life mediated by others' "assumptions and understandings, and myths?"

This slightly echoes James 1... being hearers but not doers and ending up deceived. May God help us, as the media and technology gatekeepers, to not infect the church with this disease: "Because I've seen it, I've experienced it." This type of relationship to a message, regardless of the medium, will not lead to changed lives.

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