Sunday, March 05, 2006


In light of encouragement for church staff and pastors to write blogs, I thought I'd do this quick analysis of blogging for me as a church technical director. Anything I'm missing? Would you blog if this was your analysis?

  • God-Worship :|: Writing a blog well will require me to seriously consider the grace of God around me and thank him for it.
  • Excellence :|: Making my ideas public could provide professional accountability and challenge me to provide more excellent service to my God and my church.
  • Relationships :|: Blogging could provide relationships with other church technology and media staff, which I greatly desire.
  • Humility :|: I need some, and it's good for me to hear from others how much I stink at what I do. Bring on the negative comments!
  • History :|: What a great tool to track the history of what has happened in my journey toward God-glorifying media.
  • Black Hole of Time :|: This could become a time-sucking occupation, especially if I like it too much and lose self-control. It could take me away from greater calls of God like time with my family, small group, and church.
  • Pride :|: When I most think I have something to say, I usually should just close my mouth.
  • Learn :|: I have plenty to learn from folks out there. Maybe through blogging I can connect with people I can learn from. Like you.
  • Teach :|: Those who are teachers are held to a higher standard. That's scary. But maybe something I've done could be instructive. Especially my mistakes. God's good like that.
  • Invest :|: Non-Christians are out there on the web and may read, too. Opportunity? Definitely.
  • Anyone Out There? :|: No one has commented on my blog yet. I don't blame anybody for that. But it makes me wonder if anyone's reading.
  • Claustrophobia :|: There are tons of blogs out there. Maybe the space is just too crowded to make it worth the effort.


Peter Schott said...

David, can you share some pointers with me on how you manage to link your topics together? Do you just have some posts that are set up purely as lists of topics? I've been wanting to do that on my own blog to separate things like family, tech, worship, and other things but Blogger doesn't seem to make that very easy to do.

Thank you for the work you put into this. It's a useful resource for those of us in the field.

-Pete Schott

Dave Wilcox said...

Hi, Pete.

Yes, the way I do it is a crude "hack" of the Blogger system. I simply create a post and use it as a list for a particular topic. The one thing to make sure to do is to give it an early enough publish date that it doesn't end up on your main page.

Then you can include the link in your sidebar by modifying your template.

If you need more specifics, let me know. I think it is a helpful practice for people who visit your blog.