Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apologies to Non-Firefox Users

Whoa! My wife just let me know that the blog looked really strange on Safari and Explorer. To any of you non-Firefox users, I'm so sorry! Firefox was intelligent enough to fix some mistakes in my html code. That's what you get when you combine great open-source software and a lousy programmer. Unfortunately, Firefox had fooled me into thinking you all were seeing the same thing I was. Instead you were seeing some huge picture of me! Yikes! Sorry, sorry, sorry. The problem seems to now be fixed. Let me know if you see otherwise.

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Tyler said...

I use Firefox (and have since beta, along with supporting the newspaper ad when Firefox went gold) so I haven't noticed the bug at all (and never would have if nothing was said). I was curious, though, about the page breaking in the way you mentioned, so I fired up Opera, and whoa! Though, I must say, cute kid.

Page break bug? What bug? Where I work we call 'em "features".

Cheers! Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts about tech in our church.

Anonymous said...

Re composing in firefox:

Another thing to consider is that your defined screen width puts the left edge off screen for those of us who run lower screen resolutions (800x600). E.g., In the left column, the left of my display starts with "livered ..."

Dave Wilcox said...

tkf, Is it working for you in Opera, now? I think I got it straightened out.

Bob, thanks for the thought. I reverted to the one-sidebar format in order to help with this.

Tyler said...

David, your blog now renders perfectly in Opera _and_ Konqueror (Linux). Grats and thanks. I miss the sidebar though.

Anonymous said...

Firefox is the only way to go . . . sadly, until the rest of the world catches up we just gotta be that more cognizant of our html/css hacks!

Looks like a great blog . . . PEACE!